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About QFloors Software

QFloors is user-friendly flooring software designed to streamline operations for small, mid-size, and large carpet and flooring stores. It’s the best software tool in the floor covering industry with unrivaled customer support, accurate business reports, powerful third-party integrations, clear and upfront pricing, and more. You’ll also be able to track and streamline inventory, sales, accounting, leads, ordering, scheduling, job costing, billing, taxes, and more. Additionally, QFloors provides helpful benefits not available with generic business software, such as square feet and square yard capabilities, electronic integrations with suppliers via fcB2B, instant on-the-fly job costing, correct sales/use tax calculations, and superior inventory tracking. QFloors also offers tightly integrated estimation software, integrated credit card processing, and expanded commercial and multi-family housing features. Reach out to us today, and see how QFloors can meet your flooring operation’s specific needs and goals.

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